Terms and Conditions

LABORATORY PROCIENCIA S.A.S. hereinafter designated as The Store, or simply PROSCIENCE & GOUP, identified with NIT. 901325648 – 6, has the following contact information: address for judicial notification Calle 53 #73-28 Piso 4, telephone 3177732410, e-mail support@proscience.com.co.

PROSCIENCE & GOUP has established these terms and conditions so that the consumer knows the conditions of the purchase. Notwithstanding the foregoing, THE STORE reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions in its entirety, or any part of it, at any time without prior notice. The customer is not bound by the clauses of Terms and Conditions that have been modified after the order has been placed. By purchasing products from our store, the customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions.


  1. Terms and Conditions of the Online Store

    Only people who are 18 years of age and with full legal capacity can be Clients of our Store.

    Our store sells products online. We offer service 24/7, 365 days a year. Therefore, orders can be placed 24/7.

    We only sell new products with no physical or legal defects.

    All the products available in our store are physically in stock in our warehouse and their status is updated every day. However, the information on the availability of products may change without prior notice, therefore THE STORE is entitled to reject purchases made by the customer, when it is not possible to provide the product offered. In any case, THE STORE will return to the customer the money that corresponds to the value of the rejected purchase.


    Payment methods

    The store offers the following forms of payment managed by the company PAYU COLOMBIA SAS with NIT 830.109.723-0, commercially known as PAYU:

    Credit card payment – ​​we accept card payments. The charge is made to the customer’s card when the store begins the execution of the order after its acceptance. Information about the acceptance of the order will be sent to the Customer by email.
    Payment with debit card. – We accept payments debiting directly from your bank. Information about the acceptance of the order will be sent to the Customer by email.

    – Cash payment with Payu coupons at Efecty points.

    The store will not be responsible for the use of credit cards without their authorization, when the User has not proceeded to notify the corresponding financial entities or cooperatives of the loss, improper use, theft or theft of the instruments conferred by them to carry out transactions. , or when an improper use of your registration data is made.

    PAYU has declared that it has all the legal, administrative or other applicable authorizations, in accordance with the applicable legislation, for the provision of payment gateway services.

    The client must ACCEPT the processing of personal data and acceptance of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS required by PAYU to make the respective payment.



    Once the products have been selected in the shopping cart, to formally place the order, you must fill out the order form that is on our website correctly. Be sure to check the delivery address form in detail to avoid delays and cost overruns.

    Orders can only be placed by persons who provide all the information necessary to carry out the transaction. By entering the form data you are accepting the company’s authorization for the use of personal data. You can access it on the store’s website.

    Prior to the completion or termination of any electronic commerce transaction, THE STORE will present to the consumer a summary of the order of all the products that he intends to acquire, with its complete description, the individual price of each one of them, the total price of the goods or services as well as the additional costs and expenses that must be paid for shipping or for any other concept. The acceptance of this transaction is understood to be express and unequivocal once the client makes the payment.

    Each order placed by the Client is confirmed – we will send an e-mail informing the client that we have received the order.

    The store reserves the right to verify the order. If there is no contact with the buyer or the order cannot be confirmed, the store reserves the right to suspend the execution of the order.

    The store executes the orders within the first 48 business hours after placing the order or making the payment. If there is any problem in executing the order, customers will be immediately informed of it. By execution of the order we mean sending the goods to the customer.


  1. Prices

    All prices are in Colombian pesos. The price already includes the corresponding VAT on each merchandise. The price of each product is determined when ordering, is binding and will not change until payment is made.

    The store reserves the right to modify the prices of the products available in the store, the introduction of new products, make and withdraw special offers on the store websites or make changes to the websites.

    In the case of products that have a special price, or products that are for sale, the orders will be executed in the order in which the orders were confirmed in our electronic sales panel. The number of products that have a special price or are on sale is limited. Special prices are valid only during a specific period of time. The customer will not be able to claim a refund, which is the difference between the special price and the normal price, if the order was placed after the period available at a special price.



    Deliveries within the Republic of Colombia are made by a courier company chosen by the Store.

    The store is not responsible for shipments that have not been delivered by the courier service due to customer responsibility (no contact, no one at home, incorrect delivery address) or failure of the courier service. In addition, the store is not responsible for the detention of packages by the control of the authorities (for example, customs). The courier service makes several attempts to deliver the shipment. The consumer must assume new shipping costs in the event that the delivery has not been made due to the consumer’s fault.

    In the event that the delivery of the order exceeds thirty (30) calendar days, for reasons attributable to THE STORE, or that there is no stock for the purchased product, the consumer may unilaterally terminate the sale and obtain a refund of all amounts paid. without any withholding or discount. The return must be made effective within a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days.

The delivery of the order may take from three (3) to seven (7) business days to main cities, and up to fifteen (15) business days to intermediate or distant cities/municipalities.

The shipping costs will be informed to the customer before making the payment. Payment policies for shipping costs may vary suddenly, but you will be informed before making each purchase.


Exchange and return policy

The maximum term to make the request for returns will be the first 5 days after receiving the product.

The maximum term to make a novelty report (Missing, faulty, surplus or withdrawal) of the order will be 5 days after receiving the product.

In cases of returns due to withdrawal, unsolicited product or with different characteristics, it is essential that the products meet the initial delivery conditions: in perfect condition (the products may not be used even once), complete and in their packaging. original.

Reasons for making the return or guarantee request (first 5 days of receiving the product):


Withdrawal: When the purchased product is no longer desired by the final consumer.

Malfunction and/or broken product: When the product has suffered damage in the transport process and it has not been used.

Different characteristics: When the received product has different characteristics than those communicated in the product file published on the GoUp page (size, color, measurements, materials, substituted products, etc.).

Incomplete Product: Refers to orders that may be incomplete.

Unbilled leftover: When you receive a product that is not listed on your bill and it was not requested.

Expired products: The expiration date is prior to receipt of the product.


Means enabled to request returns or guarantee:

The means that GoUp enables to carry out this product return process use the PQR link indicated on the website.


right of withdrawal

Provided that the consumer has not used the product, he will have the right to exercise the right of withdrawal within five (5) business days from the delivery of the good.

The consumer must return the product to the store by the same means and in the same conditions in which he received it. The customer is obliged to send the packaging with the product, a receipt confirming the purchase of the product (receipt or invoice) and the completed return form. Transportation costs and others involved in returning the good will be covered by the consumer.

The product cannot have been consumed, or used in the event that it is clothing, since in such cases the retraction will be rejected because the good has been consumed.

Once the good has been received, verified that it is in optimal conditions, the store will return to the consumer all the sums paid without proceeding to make discounts or withholdings for any reason. In any case, the refund of the money to the consumer may not exceed thirty (30) calendar days from the moment in which the right was exercised.

The consumer has the channel CONTACT US or through PQRS, or via Whatsapp to the lines provided on the website to exercise this right, provided that the conditions established in this section are met.

product safety

All the products that the STORE offers and that require a sanitary registration have it, given by the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SURVEILLANCE OF MEDICINES AND FOODS INVIMA. In this way, the quality, suitability and safety of the products are guaranteed.


Information Treatment and Privacy

The store uses the personal data collected to verify and confirm your identity; for the creation, study, updating and preservation of your file; to fulfill your requests; profile that the company wishes to elaborate; marketing or advertising; commercial prospecting.

The store will use all necessary means to maintain the security and confidentiality of the information acquired by creating files with the personal data that are collected by the Website and will give it the treatment indicated by law. However, La Tienda does not control all the risks inherent to the use of the internet and reminds its Visitors and/or Users of the existence of possible risks due to its use, for this reason we want to warn that whenever personal information is provided on the network, there is the risk that third parties, whose control is beyond our control, may intercept this personal information and use it. Although at La Tienda we strive to protect personal information and privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of the information that is revealed through the network and under the responsibility of the User and/or Visitor. We only store data that Users and/or Visitors voluntarily provide us with. We will only use this data to send information on any subject, activity or event related to The Store in cases where the User and/or Visitor authorizes it.


  1. User Responsibility

    By entering the Website, the User and/or Visitor undertakes to provide correct and true personal information, as well as to update their data whenever required. In the same way, the User undertakes to timely notify their corresponding entities of the financial or cooperative sector, the loss or theft of their credit card or of the other instruments provided by them to carry out transactions, such as debit cards, personal passwords , etc., so that such instruments are disabled by them. The User is prohibited from putting on, or transmitting to, or from this portal any illegal, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, pornographic or profane material, or any other material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under the terms of the law.

    The User and/or Visitor agrees not to use any device, software, routine or data to obstruct or attempt to obstruct the proper functioning of the Store portal and/or the Website or any activity carried out on this portal. In addition, the User and/or Visitor agrees not to use or attempt to use any engine, software, tool, agent, data or other device or mechanism (including, without limitation, browsers, spiders, robots, digital characters or intelligent agents) to navigate or search the portal of La Tienda and/or the Website other than the search engine or search agents provided by La Tienda and/or the Website or the browsers generally available to the public.


    Intellectual property

    The intellectual property rights of the page are the property of PROSCIENCE & GOUP. Therefore, the user may not fully or partially reproduce it, disclose it or make it available to third parties without the prior written authorization of THE STORE. Any content that is presented on the page, such as advertising material, including multimedia material, advertising, photographs, or any other similar or similar, is the exclusive property of THE STORE. All those who are not authorized will be prohibited from using, downloading, saving, or using such information.


    Cookie Policy

    In this policy statement, the term “cookie” is used to refer to cookie files, privacy and electronic communications.

  • What are cookies?

    A cookie is simply a small text file containing pieces of data, stored on your computer or other device when you visit a website. Cookies are used to facilitate the navigation of websites you visit, but they do not collect any information stored on your computer or in files.

    Cookies ensure the maximum precision of the services and, therefore, facilitate the use of the web browser. To protect your privacy, web browsers allow access to a web page for cookie files that are already hosted on your computer.

    Why do we use cookies?

    We use cookies to obtain more information about the way users navigate our websites, with which we can provide better information tailored to each of your individual needs and improve your experience on our websites. Cookies remember the type of Internet browser you use and other browser plug-ins installed on your computer. They also remember decisions that have been made, such as language or region. They are saved as default settings and are used when you visit the site again. These files also allow Internet users to rate web pages and post comments.


    What types of cookies do we use?

    12.3.1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

    These are essential cookies that allow you to move around the website and use its features. Without them, service registration and login would not work. These cookies do not collect any information about you that can be used for marketing or that can remember where you have been on the Internet.

    12.3.2. performance cookies

    These collect information about how a website is used, for example, which pages you go to most often. They do not collect information that identifies them; all information is anonymous. They are only used to improve the performance of the website.

    12.3.3. functionality cookies

    These remember decisions you make (such as your username or language) and provide personal characteristics. They remember changes you’ve made to text size, fonts, and other parts of web pages that can be customized. They also offer requested services, such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. The information they collect can be done anonymously. They cannot track other websites you visit.

    12.3.4. personalized cookies

    These offer ads or messages that are relevant to you and your interests. These personalized cookies are sometimes linked to other sites, for example social networking sites.

    12.3.5. Temporary or Long-term Cookies

    Within these four types of cookies, cookies are categorized as either temporary (‘session’ cookies) or long-term (‘persistent’ cookies).

    ‘Session’ cookies link your actions to a single session. This “session” starts when the web page is opened and ends when it is closed. Then the cookie is deleted forever.

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    How to block or delete cookies?

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  1. By blocking cookies, you will still be able to use our websites, but it will have a negative effect on the usability of these websites.



    We offer help and support to all our Clients. If you have any questions, comments, advice, please use the PQR link and fill in your personal data to process it.

    We will resolve the PQRs in a maximum of fifteen (15) business days. Please review the PROCEDURE FOR PQRS.