Go Up ISO is a powdered food product, based on protein with the highest biological value, such as isolated whey protein, with multiple benefits for our health; thanks to the contribution of all the amino acids in an ideal proportion, prioritizing Leucine as the star amino acid, helping us to achieve better protein synthesis, which is vital for our health and the improvement of body composition.

This product also helps us strengthen our immune system, mediated by the important contribution of the amino acid cysteine and glutamic acid; that help our body to stimulate our immune system, as well as our antioxidant protection, which is enhanced by the contribution of vitamins and zinc found in the product.

An important characteristic of whey protein isolate is its high speed of absorption, which could have a drawback and is the possibility of making a sudden spike in the hormone insulin, which would not be optimal when thinking about improving body composition. Therefore, this product contains INULIN, which is a great prebiotic that nourishes our intestinal microbiota, and slows down the speed of absorption of Whey, controlling that possible sudden peak of INSULIN.

The contribution of Bacillus as a probiotic helps to strengthen that intestinal microbiome, which is very important to optimize our intestinal health, as well as helping to improve our overall health.

MODE OF CONSUMPTION: The most important thing for good health is an adequate balance in the consumption of nutrients obtained from food.

This product is ideal to consume when the protein requirement in the diet is not reached and it can be consumed before or after physical activity or at any time of the day that you want to use it as a complement to your diet.


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