Go UP Classic is isolated whey protein of the highest quality, accompanied by complex carbohydrates with fiber, such as oats.

Rich and great supply of micronutrients, providing multiple vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the entire body and its hormonal environment to function perfectly.

Within the contributions to the body, we will obtain calcium which is vital for muscle contraction and good muscle performance, in addition to being important support for the bones, accompanied by vitamin D, which has multiple functions, including the absorption of calcium and the improvement of the immune system.

Go Up Classic also has vitamin K2, which is completely necessary for the calcium to really get to where it is needed (muscle and bone) because otherwise this calcium can even deposit in the arteries and cause damage by putting the arteries rigid.

Iron is vital for everyone, but in women it is essential, due to monthly blood loss in their menstrual period. That is why we include iron in the form of fumarate to improve its bioavailability and accompanied by vitamin C, which, in addition to its great benefits, improves iron absorption, being an excellent antioxidant.

It also includes other important vitamins of the B complex, such as thiamin, folic acid and BIOTIN, which is essential for women. As if that were not enough, it contains the precious essential fatty acid such as OMEGA 3 with its multiple benefits. In addition, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene accompany this product as important sources of ANTIOXIDANTS.

MODE OF CONSUMPTION: The most important thing for good health is an adequate balance in the consumption of nutrients obtained from food.

This product is ideal to consume when the protein requirement in the diet is not reached and it can be consumed before or after physical activity or at any time of the day that you want to use it as a complement to your diet.


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