Everything you need to know about vitamin K2:

As we have commented previously, vitamin K2 helps the correct absorption of calcium by
the bones. However, vitamin K2 goes beyond this as it controls six reactions in the
body, let’s see them in detail.

Let us remember that vitamin K2 (menaquinone) receives its name due to its resemblance to the
vitamin K1 (phylloquinone), however, are totally different in terms of their role in the
body. Vitamin K1’s main function is to help blood coagulation.
It is found in various foods, mainly vegetables. For its part, vitamin K2 is responsible for
activate proteins in the body called K-dependent proteins, their synthesis is achieved in a
to a lesser extent naturally by the body so its deficiency is quite common, the
The only food that contains it naturally is a typical Japanese dish called Natto, and the
stability of the molecule was only developed for food until 2019, that is why its
supplementation is not yet found in large quantities like other vitamins such as vitamin
A or vitamin C.
K-dependent proteins:
Matrix GLA protein – (Matrix GLA Protein “MGP”) This protein has a high affinity for binding
calcium ions, its main function is to prevent calcification of the soft tissues of the body and
prevent the degradation of elastic fibers.
Osteocalcin – This protein is found in various organs of the body, however, it is found
largely in the bones and teeth. When this protein is activated by vitamin K2
its main function is to bind calcium to the bones.
GRP protein (GLA-rich protein) – This protein is released by the body when they meet
high levels of calcium in cardiovascular fibers, since its main function is to inhibit the
calcification of the arteries, but to begin its process of inhibition and decalcification this
protein must first be active, this process is called carboxylation and only occurs when
is in the presence of vitamin K2.
GAS6 protein (Growht-arrest specific protein 6) – This protein is responsible for programming the
cell apoptosis, which is the process of programming cell death in order to control
its development and abnormal growth, thus preventing inflammation of the organs.
Protein S (Protein S) – This protein fulfills the function of acting as an anticoagulant, which
involved in the prevention of thrombus generation.
Protein C (Protein C) – This protein is involved in the regulation of anticoagulation,
inflammation and cell death in addition to this this protein is responsible for the permeability of the
inner walls of the veins.
By understanding the reactions in which vitamin K2 is involved, it is possible to highlight its
1) Through the activation of osteocalcin and MGP, vitamin K2 carries calcium
directly to the bones, so the calcium is deposited where it should be, preventing future
complications and keeping our bones strong and healthy.
2) With the activation of the GRP protein, vitamin K2 prevents the calcification of the fibers
cardiovascular, keeping our heart healthy.
3) The activation of the GAS6 proteins and the S protein cause the cells to fulfill a
correct process of apoptosis, avoiding its irregular growth and its subsequent
stagnation in the veins, arteries or other organs, thus helping us to prevent
the generation of thrombi and pro-inflammatory processes.
4) When protein C is activated, it helps us to have the correct permeability of the
inner walls of the veins preventing the accumulation of fat globules and maintaining
our circulation in optimal conditions.
Remember that not all vitamin K2 is the same, there are two types of vitamin K2 and three families
Of these, the two types are trans-menaquinone and Cis-menaquinone and the three families are the 4-
menaquinone, 7-menaquinone and 14-menaquinone, the only one that remains active in the body for
a long time to be used as a dietary supplement is Transmenaquinone 7, the cis type is biologically inactive and families 4 and 14 are only active during
a few hours in the body. GoUp contains 100% Trans-menaquinone 7 (K2 – MK7)
microencapsulated to protect it from external reactions and sunlight, guaranteeing all the
benefits of vitamin K2 in a food.


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