From the deepest feeling of moving forward, of growing and being better, GO UP is born.

We seek to look good, but even more, to feel good. We exist to promote comprehensive well-being, physical and energetic beauty that comes from within.

The evolution of life is like a spiral, always ascending but never linear. There are wonderful and happy days, others difficult and with great challenges to be solved. Only your inner power will determine the will to always walk forward.

We are made up of body, mind and soul, we are convinced that your best version is the one that balances these 3.

GO UP, is the force that drives you, that motivates you and that challenges you to conquer that best version.

Our essence is in what we are and what we want to be, in how we see ourselves and how we want to see ourselves, in what we have and what we want to have, where we are and definitely where we are going.

Starts. Today. Now. It’s the perfect time. Go for it. GoUp.


We make food products with comprehensive well-being in mind, which is why our proteins are enriched with vitamins and minerals, contributing to holistic nutrition. The formulas of our products are developed by specialized doctors and based on scientific evidence, which guarantee the quality of their raw materials, the manufacturing processes and the final product. We have the support of the leading company in the sports supplementation market in Colombia, ProScience Lab Sas, who manufactures our products with excellence.

Looking good comes from feeling good.